Our Structure


At Ian Alexander we’ve realized the importance of having a support system made up of people and tools that can help you achieve your business goals. With a holistic approach to success we sought to cultivate a company culture that celebrates, innovates and motivates every individual to reach their full potential. Excelling in your craft is that much easier when you're surrounded by a team of creative real estate professionals who love what they do. From in-person training sessions, mentor programs, on-demand online courses and team networking events – you're not just an agent here; you're a family member.



Being a part of a hybrid real estate brokerage means your office and office hours are your choice. From cafes to co-working spaces, we encourage our team members to get out and enjoy a new space every day. How flexible you want to be with your time is up to you. Our training opportunities are available in-person and online – optimized to accommodate all learning styles.


All members are eligible to earn 10% residual development bonuses by recruiting producing agents to Ian Alexander Realty Group. Agents are paid by the head office each time their recruit(s) complete a transaction. Build a sales team and earn residual income for as long as you are part of the organization. Interested in more ways to earn? Ask about our Retirement and Beneficiary Plans.



The days of getting leads solely through door-knocking and cold-calling are behind us. Our team members have access to beautiful marketing suite, social media marketing ad tutorials, strategically executed lead generating landing pages and access to Social Realtor® – Ian Alexander’s exclusive social media marketing strategy suite.


Agent portal

Launched in 2019, the Agent Portal is an online business tools suite for members of Ian Alexander Realty Group. Member have private login access to The Knowledge Base, Real Estate Documents, Online Community, Agent Marketing Suite, Social Realtor®, Seller Lead Book, Live Updates, Production Tracker, Printed Materials Shop, Co-working Space, and Agent Resources. To learn more about the Agent Portal, Click Here.

No transaction fees

Members of Ian Alexander Realty Group incur zero transaction fees. A one-time $200 start-up fee covers your CRM, professional head shots, business cards template design, domain email setup, on-boarding service, web-page hosting, and agent startup materials. Annual errors and omissions protection is covered during your first transaction as a one-time $500 payment.


How much you earn annually should be your decision, period. This why we designed our brokerage benefits around a subscription business model. No desk fees. No transaction fees. Members can choose between three commission split options – no need to meet an annual cap.

Your Business. Your Life. Your Choice.

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